Dr. Advani had been practicing medicine for over a decade, but he wasn’t satisfied. As a practicing doctor, he felt the “assembly line” mentality was not fitting for the field of medicine. He was reduced to a meager 5 or 6 minutes with each patient, and felt that they deserved more of his time. Furthermore, Dr. Advani figured the brevity caused patients to leave confused, and he desired to spend more time educating his patients.  So on February 22nd, 2000, Dr. Advani opened Pearls of Hope Medical Center, a cash basis medical clinic in Bakersfield, CA. His aim was simple, to bring back the “Golden Age of Medicine.” Dr. Advani sought to serve the large portion of Kern County residents who were uninsured, or between jobs yet still required medical attention. In his nearly 20 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Advani saw that those without insurance would put off regular doctors visits until the problem became so bad that they were left with no other option than a trip to the emergency room, and by default, a massive bill to pay. Dr. Advani knew that if he focused on providing quality, affordable health care, his patients would benefit. He saw huge success as patients young and old gravitated towards his friendly, caring, and down to earth approach to medicine. With Dr. Advani at the helm of his own practice, he was able to allocate the appropriate amount of time to each patient. Through the years, Dr. Advani and Pearls of Hope Medical Center have stayed true to his vision and continue to provide cash basis medical care that is prompt, affordable, and accessible for all.